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PostgreSQL 8.4.0-1

An effective, open source object-relational database system

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This program has more than 15 years of evolution and a confirmed architecture that has received a strong reputation for accuracy, data integrity, and correctness. It functions on all main operating systems, including Linux, UNIX (BSD, AIX, HP-UX, Mac OS X, SGI IRIX, Solaris, Tru64), and Microsoft Windows. It is completely ACID compliant, has complete compatibility for foreign keys, views, joins, triggers, and saved procedures (in numerous languages). It contains most SQL: 2008 data types, including INTEGER, BOOLEAN, NUMERIC, CHAR, VARCHAR, INTERVAL, DATE, and TIMESTAMP. It is compatible with storage of binary big objects, including sounds, pictures, or video. It has native programming interfaces for C/C++, .Net, Java, Perl, Ruby, Python, ODBC, Tcl, among others, and great documentation.

PostgreSQL prides itself in standards compliance. Its SQL execution strongly adapt to the ANSI-SQL:2008 standard. It has complete support for subqueries (counting subselects in the FROM clause), read committed and serializable transaction isolation levels. And while this program has a completely relational system catalog which itself supports numerous schemas for a database, its catalog is also usable over the Information Schema as described in the SQL standard.

Data integrity options include (compound) primary keys, foreign keys with cascading and restricting updates and deletes, check restrictions, exclusive constraints, and not ineffective constraints.

It also includes a host of extensions and complex features. Among the advantages are auto-increment columns over sequences, and LIMIT and OFFSET granting the return of partial result sets.


  • Supports all the SQL-92 standards.
  • Very mature GIS querying.


  • Replication is not yet as well implemented as in MySQL.
Name PostgreSQL
Version 8.4.0-1
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License Free (Freeware)
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OS Support Linux, Unix
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Old Versions

Software Date Added
PostgreSQL 9.5 Beta 1 October 15, 2015 - Latest Version
PostgreSQL 9.0.0-1 September 22, 2010
PostgreSQL 8.4.0-1 July 07, 2009
PostgreSQL 8.3.4 November 03, 2008
PostgreSQL 8.3.1 March 18, 2008

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