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NETGATE Internet Security NETGATE Internet Security 20.0.340.0

A security application that will protect your PC against various Internet threats

  • Current rating:
11 / 1,142 Free to try (Shareware)
FireAlpaca FireAlpaca 2.1.10

Painting Software that can be used readily and easily

  • Current rating:
11 / 1,043 Free (Freeware)
Eassos Photo Recovery Eassos Photo Recovery

A powerful and reliable utility which will let you effortlessly recover your lost photos

  • Current rating:
7 / 120 Free to try (Shareware)
Eassos Recovery Free Eassos Recovery Free

Quickly recover your lost data with the aid of this free application

  • Current rating:
12 / 100 Free (Freeware)
Eassos Recovery Eassos Recovery

A full-featured and reliable data recovery solution

  • Current rating:
7 / 122 Free to try (Shareware)
SSuite Office - FaceTime P2P Video Phone SSuite Office - FaceTime P2P Video Phone

A simple yet reliable LAN video phone

  • Current rating:
10 / 880 Free (Freeware)
Talking Time Keeper Talking Time Keeper 21.1

A program that packs a wide variety of time and date functions

  • Current rating:
7 / 876 Free to try (Shareware)
BatchSync BatchSync 12.0.11

A powerful solution for managed file transfer

  • Current rating:
6 / 875 Free to try (Shareware)
PC-Telephone PC-Telephone 7.2

A program that enables you to use your PC as a telephone or fax machine

  • Current rating:
10 / 880 Free to try (Shareware)
Advanced SMTP Server Advanced SMTP Server

A fast and highly efficient SMTP server for Windows

  • Current rating:
7 / 877 Free to try (Shareware)
EarthMediaCenter online music radio EarthMediaCenter online music radio 1.5.0

A simple and free application that offers access to a broad range of online radio stations

  • Current rating:
12 / 881 Free (Freeware)
Science Girls Science Girls 1.4

Protect your school and fight against alien invaders in this exciting game

  • Current rating:
6 / 874 Free to try (Shareware)
FileWatcher FileWatcher 4.1.0

A tool that will monitor your system for new files

  • Current rating:
10 / 879 Free to try (Shareware)
Access Password Recovery Access Password Recovery 2017.1.27.0

Easily recover your database passwords and records with the aid of this tool

  • Current rating:
10 / 879 Free to try (Shareware)
TotalRecall TotalRecall 2.01

A tool that will help you view the Internet history and reconstruct user's activity on a computer

  • Current rating:
10 / 877 Free (Freeware)
Ultra Nitro Racers Ultra Nitro Racers 1.93

Test your driving abilities in this small racing game

  • Current rating:
39 / 910 Free (Freeware)
TMS Advanced Charts TMS Advanced Charts

A rich set of non DB-aware and DB-aware charting tools

  • Current rating:
10 / 878 Free to try (Shareware)
Setup Installer Software Setup Installer Software

A simple and efficient wizard that will help you create installers for your software products

  • Current rating:
15 / 881 Free to try (Shareware)
Wayk Now Wayk Now

Easily control remote computers with the aid of this tool

  • Current rating:
15 / 230 Free (Freeware)
Biorhythms Calculator Amateur Biorhythms Calculator Amateur 2018 2.0.46

A feature-packed and reliable biorhythms software

  • Current rating:
16 / 145 Free to try (Shareware)
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