E-mail Software

Gmail Manager Gmail Manager

A Firefox extension that allows you to manage several Gmail accounts

  • Current rating:
10 / 2,576
Video Capture Master Video Capture Master

A lightweight yet powerful application which lets you capture video from your webcam or IP camera

  • Current rating:
3 / 2,100
Comodo System Cleaner Comodo System Cleaner 3.0.172695.53

Optimize your computer and improve its performance by using this suite of tools

  • Current rating:
2 / 1,001
Windows List Management Tools 2.0

A complete suite of email management tools

  • Current rating:
3 / 355
ABC Amber BlackBerry Editor ABC Amber BlackBerry Editor 1.11

Easily manage your BlackBerry Backup files with the aid of this tool

  • Current rating:
3 / 1,138
YouSendIt Express Lite YouSendIt Express Lite

Easily share your files with the aid of this application

  • Current rating:
3 / 1,141
Windows Live Hotmail Download Multiple Emails To Text Files Software Windows Live Hotmail Download Multiple Emails To Text Files Software 7.0

A tool which lets you download e-mail messages from Outlook.com and save them on your local drive

  • Current rating:
4 / 2,364
NK2View NK2View 1.43

A program which lets you view the content of NK2 files generated by Outlook Autocomplete

  • Current rating:
4 / 1,161
ABC Amber NBU Converter ABC Amber NBU Converter 1.03

Convert your NBU files to various formats by using this tool

  • Current rating:
1 / 1,132
Outlook Express Mail Alert Outlook Express Mail Alert 2.1

A small tool which alerts you when you receive new e-mail messages

  • Current rating:
3 / 1,577

A small POP3 and SMTP emulator

  • Current rating:
1 / 2,265
Random Tagline Manager Random Tagline Manager 4.7.5

This software adds random taglines, or signatures to your Emails

  • Current rating:
4 / 528
JDVoiceMail JDVoiceMail 2.53

A tool that will record all your voice messages

  • Current rating:
10 / 24,403
Microsoft Office Outlook Connector Microsoft Office Outlook Connector 12.1 Beta 2

An add-in which lets you manage your Office Live Mail and Windows Live Hotmail from MS Outlook

  • Current rating:
3 / 10,942
Gmailta Gmailta 0.1b Beta

A small application which lets you associate mailto: links with Gmail

  • Current rating:
4 / 1,527
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