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eXtreme Movie Manager eXtreme Movie Manager

Catalog your ripped movies in a simple way

  • Current rating:
5 / 5,378
Coollector Coollector 4.9.7

A personalized movie database and a video collection manager

  • Current rating:
0 / 3,863
Asset Manager Standard Edition Asset Manager Standard Edition 1.0.1182

A tool which will help you save time and effort when managing your assets

  • Current rating:
2 / 1,398
Coollector Portable Coollector Portable 4.6.7

A comprehensive and customizable application that lets you manage your movie collection

  • Current rating:
3 / 1,412
Collectorz.com Movie Collector Collectorz.com Movie Collector 15.5.3

A tool that will let you easily manage and track your DVD and Blu-Ray movie collection

  • Current rating:
1 / 4,806