.NET Software

ByteScout PDF Extractor SDK ByteScout PDF Extractor SDK

Easily extract information from PDF documents with this program

  • Current rating:
8 / 49
VintaSoft Twain .NET SDK VintaSoft Twain .NET SDK

Control a scanner or camera from your .NET application

  • Current rating:
6 / 272
VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK 8.6

Imaging SDK for .NET, WPF and WEB to view, edit and print images and PDF

  • Current rating:
6 / 275
Bytescout PDF SDK Bytescout PDF SDK

API to create rich PDF documents with text, images, graphics, use existing PDF

  • Current rating:
2 / 6
Octopus Deploy Octopus Deploy 3.11.11

Automate the deployment of your .NET applications with the aid of this friendly software

  • Current rating:
2 / 77
Convert .NET Convert .NET 8.0.6229

A powerful and feature-packed conversion tool for developers

  • Current rating:
4 / 1,621
FileVista FileVista

Manage your files in a simple and efficient way with this web-based file manager

  • Current rating:
6 / 1,726
Guardship Guardship

A powerful tool which lets you protect your applications against reverse engineering

  • Current rating:
4 / 123
CryptoLicensing For .Net CryptoLicensing For .Net 2015 Build 160827

A powerful licensing solution for your software

  • Current rating:
4 / 2,483
.NET Micro Framework SDK .NET Micro Framework SDK 4.2 RTM

A Software Development Kit which can be used on small devices

  • Current rating:
4 / 3,433
Graphics3D.NET Graphics3D.NET 2.0.0

Add big 3D models and 3D data into your .NET WinForms software

  • Current rating:
2 / 3,926
AudioLab .NET AudioLab .NET

A set of components for fast audio processing

  • Current rating:
3 / 450
Spices.Net Suite Spices.Net Suite

Set of tools to protect, tamper defense, obfuscate, convert, recover, optimize

  • Current rating:
5 / 693
Resource .NET Resource .NET 3.0.5684

A tool that will allow you to refresh the graphic resources integrated in a .NET assembly

  • Current rating:
2 / 907
AWS SDK for .NET AWS SDK for .NET 2.3.32

Create .NET applications for Amazon Web Services using this reliable toolkit

  • Current rating:
11 / 651
PNotes.NET PNotes.NET Alpha

Manage your virtual notes using this tool

  • Current rating:
9 / 393
Windows ASoft .NET Version Detector 15

Gives information on the different versions of Microsoft .NET from your PC

  • Current rating:
10 / 326